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The Birth of the King (video)

I know I’m a few days late on this, but I just came across it and felt it worthy to share!


Samuel Anoints David as King (story & video)

Samuel Annoints David - y2_w17

Samuel, while a little afraid, heads to Jesse’s house in Bethlehem in search of the next King that the LORD God wants to anoint. From the oldest, to the next six of seven sons, Samuel does not find the King God has chosen. However, little David is out in the fields with the sheep. He is brought in, God tells Samuel that this is the one, and Samuel anoints David.

Found in 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Story of Jonathan (story & video)

Story of Jonathan - y2_w16

King Saul’s oldest son, Jonathan, was a man of courage and bravery… quite unlike his father! Here is a story about one of his exploits.

Found in 1 Samuel 13:23 – 14:52

Below are 2 videos: the first is from this past Sunday and the second is from 3 years ago when we did this story.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

VBS 2011 @ Hayward Wesleyan

We are planning VBS (Vacation Bible School) for July 11-15, 2011 @ Hayward Wesleyan Church from 6:oo-8:3op (for preschool children potty-trained up through grade 5). Web landing page for future info:

For as long as I can remember we have used Group Publishing‘s curriculum for VBS. And while it has served us well over the years, I am ready for something different. I noticed it last year as I was planning for it. It was easy. I didn’t take much work. I knew the format and layout and expectations and ins and outs. And while this is typically a good thing, for me it is not. It lost it’s “allure” for me. It was predictable and boring.

If you’re not used to me (and how I manage things as a children’s pastor), I’m usually always writing, crafting and arranging my own stuff. I don’t trust curriculum companys to think for me, nor minister to Hayward Wesleyan’s children. Now I know you have to make curriculum your own and Group’s curriculum is just a shell, but for me I needed a change.

Typically we would just ALWAYS choose whatever “theme” and “content” Group had to offer. And with this year’s Group theme of “Pandamania: Where God is Wild About You” it helped me make an already easy decision even easier (I hope any church who uses this curriculum the best and hope it communicates the Word of God to children).

So with freedom of choice on my plate what are we planning on using this year? Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street from Standard Publishing. Three things I like about this curriculum:

  1. It has to do with living the “Jesus-kind-of-way”, which is inside out and upside down.
    This is a topic which I talk and emphasize constantly with the children (and youth) @ Hayward Wesleyan: if you want to live “like Jesus” basically do the opposite of your natural human reaction (or intention) is and that opposite is usually the “Jesus-kind-of-way”. I’m intrigued to see how this is done with this VBS curriculum and excited to see not only the content, but also the effects after VBS.
  2. The theme compliments what our “environment” already is: Main Street!
    Again, for those of you unfamiliar with the children’s ministry @ Hayward Wesleyan, it is called Main Street on Sunday mornings. Over the last several years we have slowly tried to decorate and “theme” the “Main Street Hallway” and rooms. My (secondary) hope with this curriculum is to help propel us to complete some of our decor and leave this “temporary” theme, permanent.
  3. It’s different.
    Like I’ve already said, for me it’s going to be different and I am excited about that. Not only because it presents a new challenge, but I will have to redo our material and re-communicate and re-structure better. I think the way the flow works with this curriculum better fits our time frame and our expectations. I’m also excited to see how the volunteers and directors do with this new curriculum. They are always up for new challenges!


Look Like God?

The other day I was disciplining Sari about something and I was talking with her about “why” we (her parents) discipline her. I said something like: “We want you to grow up and be a girl who doesn’t hit people, a girl who is kind to other people and makes good choices. Basically we want you to grow to look like God, and Jesus helps us with that.”

While I’m saying that last bit, Sari’s forehead wrinkles and she says: “Daddy, God is a boy. I don’t want to be a boy!”

Lightning Photographed by Superfast X-Ray Camera

This is cool! This picture was taken by an “extremely” high speed x-ray camera (it captures 10 million frames per second… normally video cameras capture 30 frames or pictures per second). The researchers actually made the lightning bolt come to them at this location. Fascinating!

Read more…

Hallelujah Chorus | Quinhagak, Alaska (video)

I received this in an email yesterday! It’s great!

Take a minute to check out this wonderful video our 5th graders put together for our Christmas Program. Jim Barthelman our 5th grade teacher who is the brain behind this is now kinda famous:) Seriously check it out it will make your day!
Merry Christmas!

Parenting and Some Spray Paint (or Water)

This picture is from, where people, you know, post secrets. I got the idea for this post from Parents | Celebrate Your Kids.

As a parent myself, I wondered how I would have responded to seeing this on my garage floor initially. Would I praise and celebrate? (probably not) Would I scold and yell? (yep, more likely!)

This picture, however, makes me stop and think about what we as parents get mad and frustrated at, instead of looking beyond “the messes” and into the creativity and celebrating our children. I know it is much easier for me to “get on” to my daughters when they spill water on the floor while attempting to fill their water cup at the dispenser on the refrigerator… instead of praising their independence and ability to try and fail, try and succeed at performing basic human tasks, like getting water for oneself.

Maybe it’s perspective. One way parents look at these situations is that they are inconvenient, messy, and a teachable moment of what not to do. We get mad, scold, and tell them not to do that again. Another way to look at these situations are training for life. What if our children are not learning to not spill water, but rather “when I mess up, it is normal to get yelled at”? Don’t we want our children to learn that it is okay to mess up? And isn’t it our job as parents to help our children learn life’s basic (and later, complicated) tasks in an environment that is okay with them making mistakes to learn these things?

Thinking about these things helps me to parent with much more grace. It also reminds me of my ultimate job as a parent: to train these “little, dependent people” to be “big, independent people” someday.

A further side benefit? As a parent, I’m not as stressed then about some water on the floor (or spray paint on the garage floor).

Musical Christmas Lights (video)

I get this video every year around this time, and I always like it! The creator of this light show does a great job!

Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos (TED video)

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. In general these talks “bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes).”

Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos is talk by Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman co-founders of that I found fascinating, true, humorous, educational, and freeing (as I imagine you will as well):

The Digital Story of the Nativity (video)

I am always intrigued (and amused) by the imaginative re-telling of ancient stories in new ways. I think ways of storytelling like the video above help us to re-imagine this ancient story in a way that our 21st century culture would experience it. In a unique way, it actually helps place us in the shoes of those original participants to this amazing intersection of this world and the supernatural world (Christmas)!

PSA – Oil Fires in the Kitchen (video)

I was sent this great instructional video on what to do in the event of an oil fire in the kitchen. Typically, my wife will pull out the fire extinguisher when she is cooking with oil, just to be ready, just in case. But this video provides an alternative that might work better in an intense situation where you might not have time to grab the extinguisher.

Saul Disobeys Twice (story & video)

y2_w15 - Saul Disobeys Twice

The Israelites were wrong in asking for a king. After all, God was their king, so choosing a human king pretty much told God where they wanted him to go.

God is gracious and compassionate, and he lets the Israelites have a king: Saul. Through Samuel, he told the people (and Saul) that as long as they obeyed the Law then God would work through Saul and his special people, Israel, to be his representatives in the world.

Saul couldn’t do it. These stories account his failure to obey the Lord.

The Story of Jonah (video)

My Dad sent me this video yesterday. It’s the simple story of Jonah as we’ve all been told it. However, it’s the unique story-teller and expressive delivery that makes it such a fun video to watch!

North Point’s iBand (video)

What a creative use of technology! The worship band @ North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA used iPads to play Christmas music in their service.