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Memories | Kids Camp 2011 (video)

Jessie is a high school student who has helped out for years @ Kids Camp in the Crafts arena. She took some great pictures over the week of Kids Camp 2011 that we used to show the campers on the last morning of camp.

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Thursday @ Kids Camp 2011 (video)

In light of “rainy” Wednesday, Thursday @ Kids Camp 2011 was incredible. It turned out to be a cool day so we didn’t do Water Wars in the morning like we had planned, but we ended up in the rec field and Mr. Dixon led the campers in Pom-Pom Pull-Away, Mob Tag, and a couple of Noodle Races. We still pulled out the Slip -n- Slide for those die-hard swimming fans!

Thursday evening we did the Dodgeball Tournament and Campfire w/ Smores (always a hit)! John cabin dominated the boys and Eve cabin won the girls, and John cabin won the showdown between the girls and the boys! Then John cabin went on to beat the staff (with a little help from me turning things in their favor… JAILBREAK!).

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Talent Show @ Kids Camp 2011 (videos)

Normally we do the Kids Camp Talent Show on Thursday night, but due to the rain we moved it up to Wednesday night. The students always seem to pull out funny and off the wall acts and performances. We were able to catch most of them on video. Enjoy!

Pig Sweaking
Laik R. performs his lifelong dream!

Keys to the Kingdom DANCE
Brady C. wows the crowd with an impressive dance number!

I’m a Little Tea Pot RAP
Suzanne F. and Laik R. bring a new twist on an old song.

Plastic Cup Ping Pong
Cody and Zak play a round of invisible ping pong on stage!

You Are My All in All
Lindsay and her cabin sing a song on the guitar and do some motions.

Oboe Solo

Leg Flexibility Tricks
Gabe K. shares a very “flexible” talent!

The Invisible Bench Skit
An invisible bench makes an “appearance”!

Dropped Skit
I don’t know the name of the skit, but a girl gets “dropped” in it!

Awesome God
Lindsay plays the guitar and some campers sing and share some motions to “Awesome God”.

Wednesday @ Kids Camp 2011 (video)

Wednesday @ Kids Camp 2011 turned out to be rainy, yet fun. I guess it’s required “surprise” programming for any camping experience!

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Tuesday @ Kids Camp 2011 (videos)

The second day @ Kids Camp 2011 tends to run pretty smoothly. Campers are settling in to the routine, they’ve got some exploring still to do, games are fun and exciting, swimming is awesome, etc. It helped that the weather was incredible! I got a sunburn on the top of my head (which isn’t unheard of!). It was a great day!

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Noah’s Ark Waterpark Trip (video)

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 27 middle school students and 5 staff people left Hayward, WI @ 4am and bussed down to the Wisconsin Dells, WI to spend the day @ Noah’s Ark Waterpark. It was a great day! The students had a blast! The staff had a blast! I rode on every single ride again! It was fun!

This was the 8th year that I took our middle school group down to Noah’s Ark. This tradition started all the way back in 2004!

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Monday @ Kids Camp 2011 (video)

This is the recap video for the first day of Kids Camp 2011. It’s been an interestingly good week so far. Good because we have 78 campers who are excited to be here along with a capable staff of 35-40 (I forget the exact number). Good because my friend Suzanne Fisher is speaking/teaching us this week using the Jump Curriculum from Orange. Interesting because we’ve already lost a couple of campers due to homesickness. Interesting because gained two more campers on Tuesday. Interesting because the weather in Northern Wisconsin has been questionable over the last couple of months, but it seems like this week of camp has turned out to be gorgeous!

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OREO Bible Quiz

At the end of the school year, we have what we call the “OREO Bible Quiz” in Main Street. It’s a blend of an end-of-the-year party along with assessing what the students learned as we navigated through the stories of the Bible the past year. And we leverage the ever-popular OREO cookie to accomplish this.

This year there were 50 questions in the quiz on the stories we covered in Main Street – Year 2. We divided them into two teams. We would ask a question, then whoever stood up first on one of the teams got to try and answer the question. If they get it right, that person comes up front and grabs one OREO cookie out of the box and places it on a table or chair. If the person gets it wrong, then it goes to the other team, and back and forth until one team gets it right. When a team places 5 OREO cookies on their respective table or chair up front, then the whole team gets to come up and grab 1 OREO cookie to eat (we also had milk in the back of the room if anyone wanted to compliment their OREO eating experience the right way!). When a team places the next 5 cookies (which would total 10), then the team gets to grab 2 cookies. All in all, the students ate roughly 5-6 OREO cookies that morning. Not too much!

If my memory serves me well (and sometimes it doesn’t!), we have done this tradition for the last 5 years. The students really like it and the tradition has grown to become a highly anticipated event at the end of the year.

Followers | The EDGE Waterpark Adventure (video)

The Followers students venture up to The EDGE Waterpark in Duluth, MN on Sunday, May 22, 2011. We spent the entire afternoon and evening @ the waterpark which included the bus ride there and back. Good times!


The Gathering (video)

Two months ago, Charlene Rohr called me and told me about a dream she had the night before. In her dream, she saw youth groups from around the area at an event together, in unity, in the metropolis of Drummond, WI. I thought it was a great idea and told her I would support her in any I could.

So Char went to work and did what she does best: organize! She pulled together youth group leaders from Hayward, Ashland, Cable and Barnes and we had a meeting. At that meeting we decided what the event would look like, time frame and such. We ended up calling the event “The Gathering.”

It ended up being pretty good. We played games, had snacks and pizza. Northern Lights Church performed a memorable skit and Sam Hansen shared his testimony. At the end, the students gathered in prayer groups and prayed.

It was a simple event designed to bring together youth groups from the area and help kick-start some things for youth in Drummond, WI.

It’s a start…

Nerf Battles

This past school year, about 10 elementary boys and I (and Pastor Heath and Wes) have really enjoyed playing Nerf battles here in our church building. The tradition kind of started when the students had a half-day of school and someone suggested that we get a couple of people together and play Nerf guns with each other. We didn’t broadcast announce it, just word of mouth and we’ve had around 10 students show up for these.

I’ve got to tell you… these Nerf battles are incredibly fun! Now I’m a particular kind of adult when I play games with kids: I don’t care! I don’t care if I win or lose… all I care about is playing. That’s just the kind of person I am. I’m not super competitive. All I care about is if the kids are having fun or not. So I usually have the least amount of darts and the simplest gun, but we laugh and play hard and it is really fun!

I really like that we have kept it small, but it has turned into a sort of tradition. Every time there is a half-day of school, all these participants are hounding me if we are going to do a Nerf battle. It’s been an amazing conduit for play-filled relationships and great memories!

You should try it sometime!

Palm Parade 2011 (video)

When I stepped in to the role of children’s pastor @ Hayward Wesleyan Church almost 8 years ago, I was told about this annual tradition they do with the kids on Palm Sunday. They would get the children to wave REAL palm branches as they walk through the sanctuary to the song “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest.” It is a fun tradition that the students seem to really enjoy (especially @ the 9:40a service!).

Easter Eggstravaganza (video)

Every year, on the Saturday before Easter, the children’s ministry @ Hayward Wesleyan Church puts on an event called Easter Eggstravaganza. Prior to the event we stuff around 6500 eggs with candy.

The event starts @ 11:00a with some singing, which Mark Wilson did this year. After some silly and serious singing, we do a character from the life of Jesus (someone who witnessed and interacted with Jesus). This year I was a Roman Centurion. So we sing songs and do a story, all of which last for about 20 minutes. We make it fast.

Then comes the gigantic egg hunt! We split the crowd into two groups and do the egg hunt in two separate places: 1) babies through kindergarten, and 2) grades 1-5.

After the egg hunt, families typically come back inside the church building to open their eggs, grab some popcorn and juice, and share stories of the hunt!

It’s a great annual event for the children in Hayward, one that lets the kids have lots of fun with colored Easter eggs spread all over the church property and also clearly communicates what Easter is all about and who this Jesus guy really is.

All in all we had 500-600 people in attendance. I wasn’t able to grab many pics, but was able to snap some quick ones. Here is a video collage of the Easter Eggstravaganza:

Patriot Paintball Trip (video)

Last Sunday afternoon, May 1, 2011, the middle school students went down to the Patriot Paintball course in Chetek, WI and had a blast! The students (and the leaders) really enjoyed themselves.

The only negative part of the event was that it was really cold!! Note to self: Bring gloves next time!

Followers Swimming Event (video)