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An Aircraft Carrier in Reverse

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That’s Riverside

This is a sign that hangs outside the chapel building @ Riverside Bible Camp (the location of our summer Youth Camp).

Everyone Wants Better, No One Wants Change!

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441 Drops of Water (video)

This is “mechanical artwork”! Great for countdown video background?!

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Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Ad: Men Wanted

A Portrait of Christ (video)

I really enjoy the aesthetic nature of these kinds of videos. They bring out some very creative interpretive elements to thinking about Jesus and such. I am not one to typically enjoy “art” (or understand it!). This kind of “art”, however, I really enjoy!

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“Sunday” by Sadie B. (video)

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Peanut Butter and Jelly

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Grilled Cheese

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We Ask For Only You (video)

Written by Brian Cheney and Reilly Gibby.

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Goats for Grandmas (video)

George Voss shares his mission, “Goats for Grandmas” from the Nursing home!

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