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Feeding the Squirrels

My wife and the girls recently got some corn stalks from some friends of ours, and we carved some pumpkins up as a family a couple of weeks ago. Little did we know that we were providing the local squirrels with stuff to “nibble” on!

Update: Here is another picture of our deteriorating, squirrel feasting pumpkin fodder.


Birthday Party

Sari has been using this one line lately when she is either frustrated with her parents or excited with her parents. It’s about her birthday, which isn’t until February.

If Sari is excited she’ll say: “YEAH! Thank you! You can come to my birthday party!”

If she’s mad she’ll say: “You CAN’T come to my birthday party.”


Last night I had to put Macie in time out for some reason. While I was putting her in her crib, Sari said something that Amanda told me when I returned to the kitchen:

“I don’t like Daddy, he likes to put things in time-out.”

“I better eat something…”

The other day we were driving in the car somewhere and Sari starts complaining about needing to eat something because she was hungry. We informed her that we didn’t have anything at the moment, to which she replied:

“I better eat something or I’ll be dead.”

Sari pokes fun @ Christmas

When I was driving the girls to the airport yesterday for their flight to Spokane, Sari asked about Christmas time: “When is Christmas?”

“Not for another 3 months, Sari.”

“But I want Christmas now!” she tells us.

“Nothing we can do, honey. We’ll make sure you don’t miss it when it comes.”

She’s quiet for a few seconds, then she tells us: “I want presents from the fat man @ Christmas!”

We laughed for a while!

Warrior Macie!

Last night Macie was coloring with markers at the table, and we weren’t watching her (usually she’s fine).  Amanda was in the bathroom doing something with Sari and Macie went in there, too.  Amanda started laughing hysterically and sent Macie to see me in the living room.  It was really funny!  For the next hour we were calling Macie, William Wallace (from Braveheart)!!

When my teeth get bigger

A couple days ago, Sari and I were searching for a movie that Amanda wanted to watch.  At one of the video stores in Hayward, there is a big gumball machine right when you walk in.  Sari gravitated toward this colorful object and said:

“Hey Dad!  When my teeth get bigger, can I have one of those?”

“I’m Potty-Trained!”

So we are still in Spokane (last day) and we were heading to a local aquatic park to go swimming with the girls.  Nana had to stop by her work to do a couple of things.  While the girls were playing in the lobby in their swimsuits a salesman came in and greeted us and the girls.

Feeling confident, I suppose, Sari proceeded to tell this friendly salesman: “I’m potty-trained!”  It was hilarious!  Not only Sari’s comment, but also the salesman’s: “Me too!”  Then Sari got shy again!