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Planking (video)

I showed this to our middle school youth group on the last night before summer break. They were fascinated by it!

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Junk in the Trunk | Minute to Win It (video)

Junk in the Trunk:
Wiggle a box filled with ping pong balls and attached to your waist until the box is empty in under 60 seconds.

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Elephant March | Minute to Win It (video)

Elephant March:
Wearing a standard pair of pantyhose over the head, with a baseball placed inside the end of one leg, your challenge is to swing the baseball to knock down rows of bottles in under 60 seconds.

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Bocce Bag | Bean Bag Games (video)

There are so many variations one can do with a bin of bean bags. In this iteration we played a sort of “bocce” version where the students had to get the bean bag “on” to an object, or the “closest” to an object. For the objects, we just used things that were readily available. We had cones that we set out and divided the group into 3 teams and the team with the most bean bags the closest won. We moved the cones back and forth, closer and further away during each round. Then we had one of the students grab the cone and hold it toward their teammates, who in turn tried to throw the bean bag into the cone.

In the video above, we were doing a handful of challenging group throws, and we challenged the students to try to land the bean bag on the garbage can. One person was able to do it!

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Pizza Delivery | Noodle Games (video)

Pizza Delivery:
In one hand you have a noodle and in the other hand you have a bean bag that lays flat on the back of your hand. The object of the game is to knock off the beanbag of your opponent with your noodle before they knock your bean bag off your hand.

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Card Ninja | Minute to Win It (video)

Card Ninja:
Flip a playing card hard enough to stick into a watermelon half placed at a distance in 60 seconds or less.

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Nose Dive | Minute to Win It (video)

Nose Dive:
Contestant must transfer cotton balls, one at a time, from one serving bowl to another many feet away using only the nose in 60 seconds or less. Vaseline on the tip of the contestant’s nose is used as a transfer agent.

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Extreme Hanky Panky | Minute to Win It (video)

Extreme Hanky Panky:
Using a designated hand for each box, remove all tissues from 2 tissue boxes in under 60 seconds.

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Ice Cream Makeover (video)

Students must feed a friend ice cream. First one done, wins!

Breakfast Scramble | Minute to Win It (video)

On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, we continued our “Minute to Win It” challenges @ msy YOUTH.

The challenge was to put BACK together a cereal box that had been cut up into several pieces. Our intern, Sarah, put magnets on the back of these pieces and set up a piece of metal on an easel so everyone could see. The goal, obviously, was to complete this task in 1 minutes or less. I think we had 5 students attempt this challenge and NOT a single one accomplished it. A couple came close.

So we had Sarah come up and attempt the game she facilitated (just to see if it was possible). And it was. She completed easily and with time to spare!

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Will it float? (video)

Will it float? @ msy YOUTH We filled a small aquarium of water and attempted to submerse various objects into the water. The game is in choosing whether the object will sink or float. It’s fun to find objects that we think MIGHT float or sink, but actually do the opposite of what we think.

Cup Stacking | Minute to Win It (video)

The last several weeks we have been playing “Minute to Win It” games at msy YOUTH (middle school youth group @ Hayward Wesleyan), which is where the contestant has to accomplish a task in 60 seconds or less. I happen to be standing in the A/V booth last Wednesday and thought it would be fun to record the action…

Task: stack 28 styrofoam cups in a pyramid and de-stack them in 60 seconds or less.

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