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An Aircraft Carrier in Reverse

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Psychatric Answering Machine (video)

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Who’s On First? Typography (video)

Old joke… new way of presenting it!

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“Some Privacy, Please.”

The other day my daughter, Macie, made a rather interesting request. It was interesting because she is only 2 1/2 years-old.

I had went into their room to get a couple of things as we were headed out the door. If you are a parent, you know the routine: “Get your socks and shoes on!” “No, you can’t wear pajamas to the graduation party!” “Stop fighting!”

As I tried to cross the threshold into their room, Macie was a couple steps ahead of me and had turned to close the door. I stopped her and proceeded into the room as she said:

“Dad, I need some privacy, please!”

I did not see that one coming so soon!

If Galileo & Darwin had Facebook…


Look Like God?

The other day I was disciplining Sari about something and I was talking with her about “why” we (her parents) discipline her. I said something like: “We want you to grow up and be a girl who doesn’t hit people, a girl who is kind to other people and makes good choices. Basically we want you to grow to look like God, and Jesus helps us with that.”

While I’m saying that last bit, Sari’s forehead wrinkles and she says: “Daddy, God is a boy. I don’t want to be a boy!”

Feeding the Squirrels

My wife and the girls recently got some corn stalks from some friends of ours, and we carved some pumpkins up as a family a couple of weeks ago. Little did we know that we were providing the local squirrels with stuff to “nibble” on!

Update: Here is another picture of our deteriorating, squirrel feasting pumpkin fodder.