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Texting Trends around 2010 (infographic)

via Mashable


Cell Phone Usage (infographic)

I just recently acquired an updated smartphone which has a whole lot more features  than my old one: meaning, I can now use “apps”. Additionally it has the ability to check and do many things on the go: facebook, email, text messages, and lots of multimedia stuff.

In light of my recent acquisition, I thought this infographic would be appropriate for my new reality (and maybe others):

Word Clouds

I came across this website called Wordle. With Wordle you can insert any number of words and text that you wish and it will generate a conglomeration of those words in any color, size, a few fonts, and arrangement you wish. I inserted my blog URL into the Wordle app and it generated the graphic above (with a few personal tweaks of my own). It makes words that I’ve typed more often more promiment than the words I’ve only used a few times. Interesting. Sari gets written about a lot, eh?