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Successful Tweeting

So tweeting updates @ Kids Camp 2011 was a huge success! The parents loved it! I didn’t tweet a ton like I had wanted to (I ended up only doing about 4-5 tweets a day), but the parents thought that was an incredible way for them to stay connected and “see” them involved and know they were having fun!

Also, I normally use to do our ministry videos @ Hayward Wesleyan, and I used it @ camp and it worked great! The great thing about Animoto is that the videos are created online and are obviously viewable online and are able to be exported to YouTube and downloaded as well. So not only were the Twitter updates awesome, so were the videos that we produced each day!


Talent Show @ Kids Camp 2011 (videos)

Normally we do the Kids Camp Talent Show on Thursday night, but due to the rain we moved it up to Wednesday night. The students always seem to pull out funny and off the wall acts and performances. We were able to catch most of them on video. Enjoy!

Pig Sweaking
Laik R. performs his lifelong dream!

Keys to the Kingdom DANCE
Brady C. wows the crowd with an impressive dance number!

I’m a Little Tea Pot RAP
Suzanne F. and Laik R. bring a new twist on an old song.

Plastic Cup Ping Pong
Cody and Zak play a round of invisible ping pong on stage!

You Are My All in All
Lindsay and her cabin sing a song on the guitar and do some motions.

Oboe Solo

Leg Flexibility Tricks
Gabe K. shares a very “flexible” talent!

The Invisible Bench Skit
An invisible bench makes an “appearance”!

Dropped Skit
I don’t know the name of the skit, but a girl gets “dropped” in it!

Awesome God
Lindsay plays the guitar and some campers sing and share some motions to “Awesome God”.

Tuesday @ Kids Camp 2011 (videos)

The second day @ Kids Camp 2011 tends to run pretty smoothly. Campers are settling in to the routine, they’ve got some exploring still to do, games are fun and exciting, swimming is awesome, etc. It helped that the weather was incredible! I got a sunburn on the top of my head (which isn’t unheard of!). It was a great day!

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Bible Verse Hand Motions (video)

We have done this a lot the past couple of years with the Followers. We’ve combined kinetic movements with Scripture and it really makes memorizing fun and engaging. I’m curious if it sticks with the kids long-term, however; especially if you add new ones every week. Anyway, here are some tips to doing your own hand motions:

Tips for Bible Verse Hand Motions

1. Keep it simple enough for preschoolers. Each symbol should correspond to a phrase. Sign language can be helpful but is often too complicate for most kids to retain long term.

2. Make them fun. A little playfulness makes the whole exercise more enjoyable. In the example above the phrase “with all your soul” was supposed to be acted out with great enthusiasm. We even had children volunteer to see who had the most passion in their soul movements.

3. Re-use the same movements. Many Bible memory verses for kids will include similar concepts. Consistent hand motions will help with recall. We typically will point to heaven when speaking of God but make a nail sign when the word is Jesus.

4. Challenge the kids to invent their own. I try to include at least one motion for each verse where the kids get to pick their movement. In the example above the phrase “with all your might” could be rendered as a karate punch, muscle pose, or even dance move. I offered these options when kids first learned the verse.

5. Get ideas from others. You can find some on YouTube (here and here and here) but often your Sunday School teachers are the best source for these motions. Assign verses to different classes or small groups, then have them teach the whole children’s ministry.

6. Write them down or make a Facebook video for parents. Thee Bible memory hand movements are a great take home activity. Send a note with motion explanations so kids can teach them to their parents. You could also upload examples on video to you church Facebook page.

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LIVE Worship Videos for Children

I’ve been working on uploading some videos of the kids @ Hayward Wesleyan singing the various worship/music videos we use to sing during VBS and Kids Camp this past summer. While you can visit the Vimeo video channel for LIVE Worship Videos for Children anytime now and in the future for more and more updated content, here are a couple I’ve got so far:

Seeds @ Church on the Move Resources

I haven’t used any of these resources yet, but it follows in the same vein as LifeChurch’s Open.  Seeds is a resource center for Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. It’s all free, but comes with a few reasonable conditions.

It looks interesting.

Small collection of Bible story videos

I came across a You Tube video channel with a few good, animated Bible story videos: